Catherine Agnes update

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Here´s a progress picture of my Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose. I finished all the spots and now I only have to stitch on the last three corners and I have to do the cutwork. So hopefully this will become an April finish. I´m only a little anxiously about the cutwork, I´ll leave it till the end. I really hate to cut into my stitching :-), so please, wish me luck that this will work well!!

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Manuela 09/04/2006 09:44

TOLLLLL du überholst mich ja noch locker ;o))

Mayté 08/04/2006 17:28

Romy, your Catherine's piece is beautiful, so far you are done a fabulous job, sure you will do it very well with the cutwork.  Go for it!!

karoline 08/04/2006 16:50

Catherine is looking stunning, good luck with the cutwork

ploum 08/04/2006 08:55

BRAVO, tout est super beau !!!!!!!Félicitations, continuez de nous faire rêver.

Von 08/04/2006 06:58

CA is truly a stunning design!  I have every confidence that you will be perfection in your cutwork!