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Just want to do a little update on my blog what's going on in this part of the world in November!

First I'm busily stitching on the model of a new big sampler. I have collected so much old stitchings and the alphabets and borders slowly become faded more and more. I really want to preserve them for the future so I'm working on a new design with this traditional letters. I think it will be called "My Grandmother's Favourite Letters". Will tell you more about it in the near future.

But as all of us, I really needed a little finish. So I pulled out my WIPs and looked what will be easily finished. I choose Merry Cox "Birds and Berries pin keep". I have finished the stitching for the Birds and Berries companion pieces last year, but never was in the mood to do the finishing. Now here's the little Birds and Berries pin keep finished!!

This tiny pin keeps are really lovely!
 I have stitched several pin keeps for gifts or exchanges, but never had done one for myself.
Just I got the idea for drawing some designs for such pin keeps, let's see maybe you will see more of them in the near future!
But first I have to finish the Birds and Berries scissors holder so that the pieces are complete!

And last but not least I want share with you a wonderful finish by Dany in France, she finished Marlene's Sampler
and she really did a wonderful job on stitching and framing. Isn't that frame just perfect for this design?
I really love the way she finished it! I always love visiting her blog, she's doing such wonderful work!
And just I got the permission from Dany to put a picture of her wonderful finish and framing also on my blog, isn't it lovely?

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COUSON 05/12/2008 20:22

I love this pattern but where can I order to buy it?thanks alot for your answer 

]-[elene 24/11/2008 11:22

Votre blog est magnifique, quelle chance d'habiter dans un pays aussi joli que l'Autriche;-))

viviane 18/11/2008 11:21

the pinkeep is lovely and the sampler absolutely geaorgous. Thanks for showing un those  beautifull things!

Elisa 09/11/2008 18:24

quelle finesse !!!  bravoooooo

Olenka's Stitches 05/11/2008 06:15

Your two Merry Cox pieces are gorgeous! And I love Marlene's Sampler, Dany did a great job on finishing it.