Mystery IX by Chatelaine

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Here´s my progress on Mystery IX by Chatelaine. I wasn´t really happy with the first part, so I totally fell behind. I didn´t know if I really want to stitch a vegetable garden. But now when the first patches are to stitch, I really love how it comes along. So I´ll try to catch up. Hope this will work.

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Danielle 24/04/2006 00:14

Hi Romy,
I am very, very behind in this too.  Actually I am not very excited about it anymore for some reason, so I think I will put it away and concentrate on some other large project.  Maybe watching your progress will make me want to pull it out again.  I think I just do better when I can see the whole design up front.  I hope when I see it completed I will want to pull it out and work on it again!  Until then I need to find something that is funner for me to work on.

Catherine 18/04/2006 09:02

Keep up the good work, Romy!