Sampler Tote Bag

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Just I received this Sampler Tote Bag. Isn´t it nice to carry my love for Samplers now with me :-)!!

Or maybe I´ll use it to store my actual WIPs.

Here you can see a picture of the original sampler.

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merumo 28/04/2006 14:19

Hello Romy, Thanks for sharing info about this beautiful bag :) I just placed my order and was advised they are still awaiting for the second batch gets completed :O They must be pretty popular!

Vero M 21/04/2006 12:22

Oh la la Romy, it's beautiful :-)))

Nadine 20/04/2006 21:48

Que c'est beau. Bravo

Angi 20/04/2006 18:53

I love it!!!! and like Merumo I also thought it was stitched by you :-))
Great found.

Catherine 20/04/2006 17:26

What a great bag, Romy!