Catherine Agnes finished!!

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Today I put the last stitches into Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose and now it´s finished. It was the first time I did cutwork, and I really like how it looks like. It´s always a pleasure to stitch one of these Indigo Rose designs and they all looks really special. I think I have to start another one  soon :-)!!! But first I´m really happy about my HD!!

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Nathalie 25/01/2007 16:50

it is sublime cheer .Nathalie

Chelle 30/08/2006 20:17

Congrats Romy, it is absolultely gorgeous!

Elisa 24/06/2006 22:07

Congrats Romy,  lovely

cameron 03/06/2006 23:03

it's very to much, the colors are very beautiful

vero 31/05/2006 20:41

so nice ; i love !!!!!!!