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from Barbara 

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Dimanche 11 janvier 7 11 /01 /Jan 19:53
I just got a lovely picture of Amandas finished Austrian Spot Sampler in purpel, which I want to share with you.
 I really love viewing different versions of my designs and I think the Spot Sampler looks gorgeous in purpel.
Thank you for the picture Amanda!

And I also discovered Astas  Blue Deer Sampler almost finished! As always she did a great job on stitching! Congratulation Asta on your finish!
Par Romy in Austria - Publié dans : designs Romy in Austria
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Vraiment superbe:bravo
Bonne annee creative
Commentaire n°1 posté par helene le 11/01/2009 à 21h33
Really tres beautiful this embroidery
Commentaire n°2 posté par béa & scarlett le 12/01/2009 à 10h28
its very beautiful.
Commentaire n°3 posté par aude le 23/03/2009 à 18h36
Il est magnifique!!! je l'adore!! biz
Commentaire n°4 posté par Valérie le 20/06/2009 à 20h11
dear Romy,
I saw your wonderful stitchings in dany 's blog and after on yours but I 'd like to know where I can buy Austrian spot sampler and marlene's sampler in france or somewhere else ????
I really like them, BRAVO !!!!!
delphine 44
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Commentaire n°17 posté par Flowers le 09/01/2010 à 19h53
Romy, you may not know it, but you inspired me to follow my dream of designing.  I just started my business last month.  And I love the Austrian Spot Sampler I got from you some months ago.

Deb in Idaho
Commentaire n°18 posté par Deborah Dick le 19/01/2010 à 23h23

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