wonderful mail day!!

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Today I got this lovely scissors keeper and this lovely scissors as a surprise present from Sandra. Isn´t the strawberry scissors keeper beautiful?? I love to get another stitching small for my collection!!! And I love strawberries! Why did you know this, Sandra :-)!!!

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Catherine abc 09/05/2006 22:46

Great design with all those eyelets !! I love strawberries too... and this reminds me how many patterns with strawberries I have in my must-do pile !! :-))

Su 09/05/2006 21:59

What a lovely fob, so much work in it.  I love your CA too its really really stunning.

Catherine 09/05/2006 17:52

It's stunning with all the eyelets, whaouh!

Pam 09/05/2006 14:20

What a beautiful gift!!  All those eyelets - such a lot of work.

viviane 09/05/2006 13:23

Marvelous !