another great mail day :-)!!

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Today I found these beautiful Thread Rings in my mail. Aren´t they gorgeous??? I always was looking for  special thread rings, but it looks like they are not available anywhere.

These rings are made from mother of pearls, the outside is 3/4" wide and there are 10 in a package.

It´s the newest product from and just I´m thinking about for which of my next projects I´ll use it. Maybe a huswif or a thread keeper..............??? Anyway I think they will look gorgeous and special!!

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nataliejo 11/05/2006 13:12

They are soooo cute ! I definitely have to get some too !!!

Su 10/05/2006 16:51

You are having a great week, they are really nice, might have to get some myself.
I have added my ornie for this months SAL on my blog if you want to see.

Barbara 10/05/2006 16:36

These were part of my last SB&B order - I couldn't resist. I love your close-up picture, and now I'm doubly glad I ordered them!

Catherine 10/05/2006 16:05

I found those also at Stitching Bits and Bobs. Can't wait to receive them!