Hello Friends!!!

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Hello dear stitching friends!!

Maybe you are wondering why I haven´t updated my blog since several days????!!!!

It´s because I havn´t toutched a needle since some weeks! I don´t know why???, but it looks like I have a little stitching "burn out"??!!! Life is busy (as always) but usually, I always found a little stitching time. So I know it´s not only this.

So maybe I hope this will change soon, and I hope you will not forget me totally!!!!

I always loved to get your stitching friendship!!!

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Romy,<br />  <br /> are you OK ?? Where are you ?? :0010:
J'aime votre blog.  J'attends vos nouvelles bientôt.  Vous êtes un artiste.  Vos oeuvres d'art sont fantastiques.  Merci.
It's so beautiful.<br /> WHAT ARE YOU STITCHING NOW ?<br /> Joëlle
Hello, desire to invite them to visit my blog Monday, that by reason for birthday of my blog I have a surprise to draw for of gift to my friends
Hi Romy,<br /> Sometimes life just gets in the way.  I have not had much stitching time at all lately too.  Any progress I make is very, very slow!  But sometimes you need a break, and then when you are ready to stitch, it seems much more enjoyable!!  Hope you are having a nice summer (well almost summer!).