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Jeudi 16 avril 4 16 /04 /Avr 16:30
I'm storing a lot of old linen on our attic. Mostly old handwoven bed sheets from my grandmother and my great grandmother. This linen is surely more than hundred years old and it's perfect for working old samplers in a higher count on it.
Just I was looking for some linen for a new project and discovered a lot of old embroidered ribbons I didn't know.
They have a funny antique spelling for a lot of clothes, like underwear, stockings, dustcloth, bed jackets, towels, shirts, ..........etc.
I really like them and now I'm looking for an idea to display them.

Par Romy in Austria - Publié dans : romyaustria
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What a great find! I'm sure you'll find a wonderful way to use them.
Commentaire n°1 posté par Giovanna le 17/04/2009 à 12h29
a real treasure, Romy !
Commentaire n°2 posté par viviane le 17/04/2009 à 12h52
Wahre Schätze beherbergst Du in Deinen Schränken, Romy! Herzlichen Gruß, Barbara
Commentaire n°3 posté par Barbara le 17/04/2009 à 15h27
They are real treasures!! You're so creative that I'm sure you will come up with something very inspiring :)
Commentaire n°4 posté par Mayté le 17/04/2009 à 17h45
I love reading your blog. There is always something interesting to enjoy :>) How wonderful to have these old family linen. A perfect fabric for old samplers. The ribbons are such a treasure trove. I understand why you want to do something special with them.
I'm sure you know this website:

Yuko does such wonderful things with old vintage linen and trimmings. It might give you some ideas. The book she has made features old ribbon similar to yours :>)

Perhaps you can create an old sampler book like the young girls used to make in the orphanages. i have one full of tiny parts of clothes, sleeves and cuffs showing pleating and pintucks, smocking, buttonhole stitch, darning and other things.

I will wait with great anticipation to see what inspiration you have.
Best wishes Angela

Commentaire n°5 posté par Angela Sweby le 18/04/2009 à 14h14
Je suis certaine que tu vas créer des choses magnifiques !
Je t'embrasse Romy et te souhaite une très belle soirée
Commentaire n°6 posté par dany le 25/04/2009 à 19h15
Wondeful find!!
Commentaire n°7 posté par Mercedes le 21/05/2009 à 18h26
ist alles virklich sehr schon.....ich bin ohne Worter !
vielen grussen von Italy
Commentaire n°8 posté par patrizia le 29/09/2009 à 10h32
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