Indigo Rose Class

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Yesterday I started the Indigo Rose Armchair Pinkeep onlineclass with Catherine Strickler of Indigo Rose. Indigo Rose is one of my favorite designers and I absolutly love class pieces, so I really love to stitch on this project. I want to stitch on this till it will be finished, itŽs really funny to stitch and the instructions are great. IŽm on the crossstitches now but there will be some speciality stitches too. Hope I can post a progress picture soon.

This evening I did the center with the buillion knots. IŽm not really happy how they came along. Maybe I should frog them and try it again??

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nelapx 21/07/2006 02:49

ayyy that grafics I love it, lamentably single occurs in classes, if when you finish it you wish to sell it I I want it

narmelle 11/06/2005 18:08

Hi Romy, nice to discover your blog - I made my bullions this morning, and I am not really happy of them, and so I will decide at the end of all the embroiedery if I frog them or not ;-)
your look fine !

Romy 10/06/2005 18:11

Catherine, IŽll look at your bullions tomorrow (hope you will post a picture), and after that decide if IŽll stitch them again or not. But as I know your perfect stitching, maybe I should frog them immediately *lol*. But on the other hand, I think I never will become them so exactely that they all look alike.

Catherine 10/06/2005 17:55

Hi Romy! I found the link to your blog on Véro's one! We are in the same class. I'm stitching my bullions tonight. Yours look fine :)

Karen 10/06/2005 14:11

Romy, it looks lovely :) By all means rip the bullions and do them again if you're not happy, but I think they look fine. Looking forward to seeing this one finished!