Arm Chair Pin Keep Progress

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Today I finished the top of the Indigo Rose Arm Chair Pin Keep. ItŽs really funny and fast to stitch. Now will come the one over one part. Maybe this will take a little longer.

I like this Spider Webs, they look very special. And that it is what I like so much on Catherine Stricklers designs, they always have some speciality stitches and looks very special - and - they are quick to stitch.

Just looked through my stash, and I found a lot of Indigo Rose Samplers. Unfortunately I never stitched one of them??!! I really have to start one of them. But maybe itŽs better to finish one of my WIPs first, before I think about a new start!

I found the Bead Blanket Sampler too. This was another online class I joined, but never started. Maybe IŽll start this soon. But first - at least - one finish!!!



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Rolande (Israel) 30/11/2008 11:08

I enjoyed visiting your blog.
I saw some beautiful realisations :0)

Danielle 13/06/2005 04:32

Wow, Romy, those are your first attempts!! They look perfect! I have been practicing (see my attempts on my blog...), but I am too afraid to try them out!! I think I will work on the other specialty stitches and save the bullions for last!

Karen 12/06/2005 09:32

Congratulations on finishing the pin cushion Romy, it looks wonderful!

Romy 12/06/2005 08:06

Thank you Danielle. ThatŽs the first version of the bullions. IŽll finish the stitching and after that think about re-doing

Danielle 12/06/2005 02:54

That is gorgeous Romy!!! I have to catch up this weekend! Did you re-do your bullion? It still looks perfect! I also have several IR designs. Last summer I saw Ann Ryan all stitched and it is very lovely. I have it all ready to go...but I, too, better finish something first!!