new favorite designer (for me)

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 I just discovered the designs of Wendy White of Wee Works. And as I love special needlework accessoires, I fell in love with her designs.

I couldnŽt resist and bought all I could get. Now only the hard decision which one to start first.

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zounette 21/06/2005 19:18


Romy 21/06/2005 11:31

Sorry Zounette, I would like to get a link to this designer too. This are only class pieces :-(.

zounette 21/06/2005 11:25

i like it
have you a link to see this designer ???
thanks your blog is top :DD

Mercedes 15/06/2005 08:13

Wow, Romy, they looks like great. I love accesories too and I was looking for those and no luck. I hope to see your progress of what you decide in your blog

Danielle 14/06/2005 20:07

Those look lovely! I have never heard of this designer. Good luck tracking her down, Vero and Karen!