relaxing stitching hours

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After I discovered that I have to do some froging in the !!one over one part!! of  the IR Armchair Pinkeep, I really were in the mood for some relaxing stitching hours.

So I did a little progress at the Coeur Romantic from Reflets de Soir. IŽm stitching this for a Quilt Square Project, so IŽm doing it two over two. And this was really Relaxation.

IŽm stitching with Vikki Clayton silk Deep Ocean. After many, many time of rinsing, because the quilt should become washable, the color doesnŽt look like deep ocean anymore. But I love the overdyed gree/blue/grey.

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narmelle 16/06/2005 10:14

I hate frogging one over one - so I think of you :-(
Courage ! the result will be gorgeous !

Karen 16/06/2005 09:42

Sorry you had to frog over-one - that's no fun at all.

The heart is looking gorgeous - thanks for pointing this one out, I went and printed it for myself :) Love the colour you chose!

Catherine abc 15/06/2005 22:08

WOW Romy ! I've just found by chance your blog and loved the look of it... Enabler you are !! :-)
Congrats for your start on Isabelle's heart... it is lovely and it's so very generous of you to offer your stitching for this common work...

Vero M 15/06/2005 18:36

Lovely Romy !! I am using this color in my sampling book as well.

Danielle 15/06/2005 16:14

Hi Romy--Your heart looks lovely so far. I think the color will be very pretty!! Have you assembled the IR pincushion yet? Or are you waiting to finish all your stitching and then assemble all at once? Hmmm, over one stitching...well, I need to get past that bullion first! :)