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Today in my mail I found a secret stitcher package?? I wondered what IŽll get, and inside I found the Blue Ribbon Sampler book. IŽm totally overwhelmed, what a wonderful and generous present.

I really want to start the Blue Ribbon Sampler soon. Maybe with a little progress every month. ItŽs really a great design, but one stitch at a time maybe will work.

And IŽm thinking maybe to stitch it as an Afghan, stitched on a lower count of linen, maybe 28 or 30 count?? When itŽs stitched on sand or bone linen it will fit perfectly in our living room. But IŽm not really sure at the moment how IŽll start it. The other possibility is to start it at 40 count linen.

Will need some time to think about it!

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Catherine 17/06/2005 14:44

Whaouh!!! What a great gift, you're lucky :))

Vero M 16/06/2005 22:52

WoW !! Lucky Romy :-)))

Danielle 16/06/2005 20:47

Oooohh. Lucky you! Now that is a nice gift to receive!! I lucked out and got it when it was published, as now it is out of print, I think? Another thing I would love to stitch someday too....

Mercedes 16/06/2005 14:58

What a lucky girl you are!!!!!
itŽs a beautiful book that someday I will get to have too.
Waiting for some first stitches