Indigo Rose class progress

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Yesterday I finished the first pocket of the IR Armchair Pinkeep class. After finished the stitching I saw that I did an error in counting in the one over one part :-((. One side of the letters is two threads higher :-((

Think it would be better to re-start as to frog all the one over one stitches.  But IŽll leave it, IŽll see this as a personal adaption *lol*!

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Cécile 18/06/2005 11:21

I love the threads you use. Beautiful.

Karen 17/06/2005 21:48

Romy, it looks lovely. That overdyed thread is gorgeous! :) Don't worry about the slight mistake, it looks great as it is.

Danielle 17/06/2005 15:19

No one will know the mistake is there except you, so I wouldn't frog either! It looks lovely so far. I am almost finished with the top of the pincushion, and I hope to start working on the pockets this weekend as well. I am not looking forward to the over one stitching. This has certainly been a challenging project for me so far!

narmelle 17/06/2005 13:57

good idea the "personnal adaptation" - I will keep it in mind for mine (on which I made so much mistakes ......) lol