Coeur Romantic

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I finished the  free Coeur Romantique by Reflets de Soie, which I stitched for a common quilt project. It was a fun quick stitching.

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Romy 30/06/2005 09:12

Kathie, I used Vikki Clayton silks "Deep Ocean"

Kathie L 30/06/2005 08:03

Romy, your heart turned out so beautifully! I'm sure it will be a wonderful contribution to the quilt. What thread did you use?

Romy 24/06/2005 08:33

Dani, you will find it at the Reflets de Soie HP

Dani 24/06/2005 05:53

Just elegant! Is that a free pattern on the internet? If so can you share the link?

ariane 22/06/2005 17:32

bravo Romy ! I am stitching this heart too. Yours is lovely