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After I finished the Coeur Romantique I have to chose a new actual WIP.

I just counted my WIPs...currently....18 WIPs. But I always select only 2 or 3 of them to make some progress. Mostly one with speciality stitches, one easy to stitch and maybe one for an exchange or  a present. That helps me to not become overwhelmed with too many unfinished projects.

So I decided to add the C.A. Wells Rosebud Scissors Keeper to my actual WIPs. This three sided scissors keeper is stitched on 36 count linen and I finished two of the sides. So I hope soon the third side and the finishing will be done.

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Dani 24/06/2005 05:51

Wow that's a lovely little piece!

Romy 22/06/2005 23:19

I really like C.A. Wells designs. Mostly they are quick and funny to stitch and they look somehow special. And anyway I have a prefence for needlework accessoires :-).
Natalie, I have the Acorn Pyramid chart in my stash also and want to start it soon. IŽm looking forward viewing yours finished!!

nataliejo 22/06/2005 22:39

Great ! I LOVE CA Wells ' designs and this little project is gorgeous ! One of my Wips is the Pyramid Etui for which I took a class in London last November. I'm planning to finish it this summer. Now you have to finish this one, I'd love to see it !

Cécile 22/06/2005 21:19

I don't know this creation, it's seems verry lovely. I hope to see the end soon.
Sorry for my english !!!

Danielle 22/06/2005 21:02

Wow--I really like that. I think I have seen something similar in one of the earlier Fine Lines magazines. you'll have to let us know how the finishing on it is. Sometimes they look more complicated than they actually are. And--someone who has as many WIPS as me--LOL. I am not sure how many I have going. Some have turned into UFOs, and I guess that is where all mine come in!!