my needlecases

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I really love needlecases. Today I took a picture of my small collection.

The two in the middle are new only with an antique look, but the wooden right and the brass on the left side are from my grandmother, so they should be about 100 years.

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Cécile 23/06/2005 21:31

Waow Romy there are beautiful. I love particulary there of your grand mother it's a wonderful gift.

Mercedes 23/06/2005 18:16

Beautiful Romy, I love antiques too, but I havenŽt the luck to have some tool of my family although I have some needlework from my granny.
I try to do a scissors collection slowly.

Danielle 23/06/2005 18:04

Womderful heirlooms Romy! You have a nice little collection!

Vero M 23/06/2005 16:23

WoW Romy..Lucky you !! They are lovely.Ariane,the word is Flea market.

ariane 23/06/2005 15:52

Romy, you are lucky to have it. I got two in a "brocante" (what the word for "brocante" ?), one in ivory, the other in boxwood. I would like to find one in silver ... may be another day