Lancaster Manor Pocket

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Thank you Laurie for motivating me to think about kiting up the Lancaster Manor Pocket. I bought the chart from a stitchingfriend who took the class and she included the left over silks. So itŽs easier to find the right supplies for this design.

Yesterday I was looking at the store where I always buy the fabric for lining my stitchings and they carry a wide range of buttons too.

I found some wooden handpainted buttons with lady bugs which will fit perfect to the Lancaster Manor Pocket design, because inside and at the bottom of the pocket there are bands with lady bugs. I surely will find a place somewhere at the bag to attach the buttons.

First I have to start and to finish my stitching for the Summer Exchange but after this, maybe in August, I want to start this Wendy White design.

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Veronica 27/06/2005 17:54

Wow. I've never seen this design before. Now I have to look for it. It's Gorgeous!

nataliejo 25/06/2005 22:17

Romy - would you please stop tempting us with so many lovely projects !!! ;-)))) This one is gorgeous, I LOVE it !!

arel 25/06/2005 19:10

So lovely and perfect buttons

Virginie 25/06/2005 07:37

what a beautiful project !! i love the buttons ;o)

Cécile 24/06/2005 20:09

Lovely model and your handpainted buttons a really a great choice of you for this model.