Catherines Armchair Pinkeep HD

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Yesterday evening I finished my Indigo Rose onlineclass, it tooks a some more time as I expected, but now itŽs finished and IŽm very happy with it.


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Estrella 26/09/2006 18:42

UHHHHHHHHHHHH  que bonito , lindo lindo

nataliejo 28/06/2005 22:39

Romy - you achieved a very pretty piece ! Congratulations, it looks perfect, both stitching and finishing. And your pics are great too !

nadlb 28/06/2005 10:35

Your stitching is lovely. BRAVO !!

Danielle 28/06/2005 06:36

It is lovely Romy!! Your finishing is *perfect*!!

Mary Lou 28/06/2005 03:18

Hi there Romy! I love your blog with not only lots of news but also so many great pictures.

This Indigo Rose piece is beautiful and your finishing is perfect. You couldn't have found a better pair of scissors for this project.