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I finished the Rosebud Scissores Keeper, a C.A.Wellls design.

The stitching was funny, the finishing of this tiny design was a little difficult but the most difficult part was to take a picture :-)! Don´t know why, but it looks like without shape on the photo, but in reality it´s really a cute little fob.

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Laurie 02/07/2005 01:46

Another gorgeous CA Wells finish. So, what will be your next CA project?


Virginie 01/07/2005 23:05

i love the way you've done it ! it's so precious !! congrats !!

Catherine 01/07/2005 10:47

Very lovely, Romy, congrats!!

Karen 30/06/2005 19:43

Romy, it's beautiful :) Congratulations on a lovely finish!

Danielle 30/06/2005 19:38

It is gorgeous! Your finishing is perfect!! I would love to try this sort of finishing sometime!