new actual WIP, Periwinkle Sampler Accent

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In July I had two finishes and only one new start. So maybe IŽm really on the way to reduce my WIPs. Now I have 17 official WIPs and I have to add one actual WIP.

I chose a Periwinkle Promisis sampler accent. I have several of this kits and they are stitched only with silk and speciality stitches. I really like this designs.

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Vero M 03/07/2005 22:52

This is really lovely and not so big..I am sure you will finish it before beginning something

Danielle 03/07/2005 19:58

This is Lovely!! I also have one of their kits, and I keep looking at it to start! I would love to buy more of them....

Patou 03/07/2005 14:32

What's marvelous. Congratulations.

Karen 03/07/2005 11:01

I love these designs, although I haven't stitched one yet. Yours is very pretty, Romy!