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I just found this side with a new stitching idea.

IsnŽt this an interesting idea for a new project??!!

IŽm  seriously thinking of decorating one of my aprons which I wear to our Austrian traditional cloth the "Dindl" with embroidery. Maybe with traditional sampler motives or maybe with some letters of the Sajous??!!

I love to wear Jeans too, but I love to wear Dirndls also. ItŽs such an easy way to be dressed correctly  for every occasion, you can wear it for work, for shopping and you can wear it also in the theatre or at celebrations. Here a picture with some of my friends. (Maybe somebody want to know IŽm the second from the left side.)


And now I hear my husband ask, "what will come next??? Maybe stitched underwear??" *lol*

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James 08/07/2005 05:03

Actually, in addition to our cross-stitch pattern skirts, we did make cross-stitch print knickers!

Véronique L 05/07/2005 07:45

Romy thanks for the link!!! I love drindls too.

Danielle 05/07/2005 03:37

Hi Romy--Lovely photo--you all look so nice in your drindls!! (and lederhosen, too--LOL). Very cool fabric! I love that skirt!

Laurie 04/07/2005 23:28

I enjoyed your link for the stitched skirt. I think it would be a great idea to stitch motifs on your apron. It would look very nice with your skirt.


Vero M 04/07/2005 18:28

Nice to meet you Romy :-))
Stitched underwear ?? lol....Our DH will pay for threads now :-))))))