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After I saw all the gorgeous patchwork projects of the French ladies, I couldnŽt resist longer and just I placed my first order in a Patchwork onlinestore.

I ordered a lot of Japanese magazines and books, because I really liked them best. Never did any sewing or quilting before. So now IŽm thinking, maybe it would have been much better to buy a beginners guid for patchwork first??!! But now itŽs too late and I have to wait for my books. DonŽt know if I ever will be able to follow the instructions *lol*!

Then I went to my decoraters store, where I always buy my wallpapers and my fabric for decoration and asked for some fabric for patchwork. He told me, he always throws away the left over fabric from decoration furniture and sewing and I may have as much as I want!! So now I have a lot of fabric for try-outs!


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Romy 09/07/2005 11:17

Thank you Catherine, I really have to buy this!

Catherine 09/07/2005 10:30

Romy, there is a very good book for pachwork begginers, I have the French version but you can find it in English here:


Vero M 07/07/2005 17:51

OOh la all act under '' influeunce''