My Bee Keeper class

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Just I pulled out my kit for Jackie du Plessies Bee Keeper onlineclass which will take place in September.

 This is another Elegant Stitch class.

ItŽs a needlecase with six pockets. But there is some pre stitching and I really want to finish this before the class begins. So maybe IŽll start the pre stitching this weekend!!


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Romy 26/07/2005 13:57

Not really difficult, Angela! But maybe a little boring so much of the same stitches. But I really want to finish it before the class, because IŽm really interested in the finishing instructions.

Angela 26/07/2005 13:32

I've subscribed this class too but i haven't started my pre stitching yet.
I'll bring this project with me in the mountains for my vacations in august.
Romy how is your pre stitching going on? Is it difficult?
in Italy

Catherine 11/07/2005 15:20

I'm sure it will be gorgeous! I haven't signed up for this class but hope it will be proposed again in the future

Danielle 09/07/2005 17:26

I have been thinking I need to start this one as well. I am also signed up. I want to make sure I have all the stitching done before the class starts!

Karen 09/07/2005 11:06

I'm planning to start my pre-stitching this weekend too!