before it will become an UFO

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Yesterday I pulled out my WIPs. And I found a lot of big WIPs, so I decided to make some progress on one of them before they will become UFOs.

I have a lot of Chatelaine designs started (since long time). The only Chatelaine Mandala Garden I ever finished was the Mystery VI.

This Mandala Gardens are really a lot of work, but if I will try to make one stitch at a time maybe IŽll finish one of them!

I chose Watergarden which I started - think 2 years ago - and will try to make some progress.

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Dani 18/07/2005 06:10

Wow your framing on M6 is fantastic mine is finished but folded up in a bag!

Danielle 14/07/2005 19:31

Oh, I have so many UFOs, and I just need to finish a few!!! I have a couple of Martina's projects going too!!

Katrina 11/07/2005 04:59

Hi, Katrina from New Zealand here. I have just come across your blog and wanted to say what lovely stitching you have done.

Shantti 10/07/2005 21:32

what a marvelous piece!! congrats! I love it;-)I start the herbal garden...and I must do like you and work on it soon as posible;-)

arel 10/07/2005 13:22

your mystery is gorgeous and I love Watergarden, congrats and go on