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After I read Veros blog and her article about Merry Cox   , I pulled out my Merry Cox charts. Can´t understand why I never started one of her designs till now?? I really have to change this immediately. But I´m not really sure which one starting first. This designs are really gorgeous!

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Danielle 14/07/2005 19:30

Wow! You have quite a stash there--lucky you!! I am going to stitch one of her small pin keeps from SANQ. Those charts are so hard to get!! Hold on to them!!

Vero M 14/07/2005 17:03


I just began B&B today.Let's go !! Let's stitch together !!! I will send you a pic of my progress tonight. :0010:

Romy 14/07/2005 15:57

Thank you all for helping to decide which one starting first :-)!!
Gwen and Anne Marie, I didnŽt take one of her classes because I donŽt have access to them here in Austria. But I always try to buy on ebay or to buy from stitchingfriends which took her classes.
Catherine, hope I can viewing progress pictures of your Tend thy Sheep" soon.
Vero, maybe we can do a "B&B" stitch along??!!

Angela 14/07/2005 13:02

Wow!!!! Bunch of wonderful charts.
I'll start with Treasures of thy life so dear.
Thanks for sharing
in italy

Catherine abc 14/07/2005 12:53

Hello Romy !
your dilemma is very exciting...
I'll make soon "Tend thy sheep", which is veeery beautiful as well !! ;-)