Patchwork infections!

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The French ladies infected me with their patchwork projects. So today I received my first order from a patchwork shop. I bought some fabric.

And I bought some Japanese patchwork books.

There are six pages with Japanese patchworkbooks and if you click on the picture you can view inside the book. It was really hard to decide which one to buy.

There are beautiful projects inside, but as I´m absolutely  new to patchwork and sewing it would have been much better to buy a book for beginners in German  first. It´s a pleasure viewing the books, but the instructions are really  "japanese" for me *lol*. No chance to follow them.  But  viewing the pictures is a lot of inspiration. I´m really happy that I bought at least one German book too.

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Shantti 18/07/2005 16:46

Welcome to the club! I'm infected too!;-)

Cécile 14/07/2005 21:20

It's not me that infected you with patchwork project . . . I can't do that but I find it beautiful. Your fabric and your books are great

Danielle 14/07/2005 19:29

They are all gorgeous!! What fun stuff to get in the mail! And look at those bags! I don't know if I could sew one--can't wait to see your finishes, though!!