Thank you so much!!!

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Thank you so much for your postings, and your kind comments on my coming back, ladies!

I was so happy to read all those posts from my dear "old" and some "new" friends!! I really have a feeling like coming back home to friends!!!

I have to visit now all those blogs and albums ( I only did a short view),  and I saw so much beautiful things. I´m really not up to date at the moment, but I think this will change soon!!

And .........I have to tell you, after viewing all your beautiful work, I got the feeling to pull out one of my WIPs. You really motivated me on this!! Let´s see, looks like I´ll come back to stitching soon too!!!

Thank you again!!

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Aprilblue 29/03/2007 18:33

I'm happy to see you back online !

Eva 18/03/2007 13:47

Hello! I´m Eva, from Spain. Your blog is beautiful. You make wonderful things.Congratulations:Eva

KathyN 15/03/2007 17:25

so happy to see you again Romy!  We have missed you!

nelapx 11/03/2007 04:04

me alegra tanto que hallas vuelto.. esta chaqueta esta muy hermosa, muy simple pero encantadora.. felicidades.. y felicidades por tus 10 kilos bajados...

shell 10/03/2007 16:04

it is nice to see you are back ,hope you find your stitching buzz again soon.