Birthday celebrations!

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This weekend our oldest DD will become 18 years old! It´s really a strange feeling to become an adult daughter. Here is a picture of her 18 years ago!!

And here an actual one:

Today I pulled out her baptized cloth which I stitched 18 years ago. I´m remembering like yesterday when I really had to hurry to finish it for her baptism. It´s used only one time and I´ll give it to her to keep it, maybe if she will become a daughter too one day  to use it again.

It´s stitched on linen and I stitched a Tree of Life, our initiales, her birthday date and the saying

" GOTT GEBE GLÜCK"  which maybe can be translated into "Lord give luck" ??

And I think she really had a lucky life till now!! Hope this will continue!!

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Pam 20/07/2005 19:41

Romy, Congratulations on your daughter's 18th birthday -- she and I share the 23rd of July.

She's beautiful and I am sure you are very proud.


Catherine abc 20/07/2005 16:33

Oh Romy ! how moving is your blog. Your daughter was a lovely baby, and she's now a lovely young lady !! :-)
Thanks for sharing your precious moments here... and happy celebration !
hugs - Catherine

Vero M 19/07/2005 21:51

Happy Birthday Romy's daughter !! :0052:
I know how difficult this is to see our children becoming adult..I am following you Rmy, mine is almost 17 !!

Danielle 19/07/2005 18:56

Congratulations/Happy Birthday! Your daughter is lovely. Isn't it almost scary how fast time goes by!! And the linen is gorgeous--what a nice heirloom to pass down to her!