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I`m absolutely fond in needlework accessoires like sewingcases, pincushions, needlebooks............

So I often visit this HP and I always get a lot of inspirations!

I love viewing the beautiful samplers too, but this stitching smalls are absolutely gorgeous, and a lot of inspiration and motivatin for a new start too !

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véronique L 21/07/2005 07:05

You are right ROmy, yesterday I found this link from Legacy, and it's a real pleasure!!

nataliejo 20/07/2005 22:35

:0085: What a great link ! Thank you Romy !

nataliejo 20/07/2005 22:33

:085: what a great link ! Thank you Romy !

Muriel 20/07/2005 21:20

Thanks a lot to let us know this link ;) There are so beautiful things