Birds & Berries started!

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I started my Merry Cox Birds & Berries and put the first stitches in. But as the most of this piece is stitched tent stitch on 32 count, I always can do only a little progress at  a time before my eyes become tired.

Now I will stop stitching on this for today and will rest my eyes. Maybe I will look for something over two on 28 count :-)!!

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Romy 25/07/2005 23:19

Danielle, I bought it some time ago from a stitching friend and Vero motivated me to start it. She did a wonderful job on stitching and finishing it.

Danielle 25/07/2005 22:31

Looks lovely Romy! Have you seen Vero's? Did you find this on eBay? I may have to do some searching myself--this is a really nice design! Have fun stitching it!

Patou 25/07/2005 21:25

It is wonderfull. Congratulations.

Vero M 24/07/2005 19:14

He he he..Just finished mine 1 hour
Have fun !!

véronique L 24/07/2005 16:54

Wonderful Romy, this Merry Cox is absolutely wonderful waiting for next.
thanks for sharing.