pulled out an old WIP

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It took some time to decide with which project I´ll start stitching again. Nearly I was on the way to start a new WIP, but after I pulled out my tons of old WIPs I decided to try to do some progress on this Prairie Schooler design. I think a "simple cross stitch design" is the right for the moment.

This are the PS spring samplers stitched on one piece of linen. I think it will become a lovely pillow when it will be finished. No idea when this will be and how long it will take.

I started it years ago, but I always loved this samplers

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Rowyn 06/04/2007 12:05

It looks beautiful, can't wait to see your progress.

Karoline 04/04/2007 20:25

It's looking lovely Romy, enjoy the journey of stitching it :)

Barbara 03/04/2007 22:58

Romy, I saw your comment over on Su's blog and thought, "Can it really be Romy??" Wow, how wonderful to see you back blogging again!! Your knitting is every bit as amazing as your stitching. :) And your PS WIP is wonderful, however long it takes.
Welcome back!

Vero L 03/04/2007 20:01

Bravo Romy!!
what a great idea to stitch them on the same piece of linen

Mayté 03/04/2007 19:33

This is a great design and sure you will enjoy stitching again on it. Go on girl !!