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I just came home from shopping and I want to share with you my purchases!

We live in a very little town and when I go shopping I never get the thinks I´m looking for, but I always find a lot of things I´m not looking for but must have :-)!

First I bought some clothes for the autumn, but that´s another story :-)!

Then I found some wooden stars in three sizes, usually for decorating for Christmas. But I just tried them and they are perfect for using them as thread winders, for a very, very reasonable price :-)! I definitely have to go again tomorrow and have to buy some more.

Then I found some wooden boxes. I´m thinking of maybe to stitch a band around for covering and maybe lining them. So I have new boxes for my stitching supplies.


Then I found some tassels!!

And I bought a lot of this "Span Schachteln". Don´t know how they are called in English?? Maybe wood chip boxes?? They are usually sold for being painted, but I will use them for covering with my stitchings. I hope I bought the right sizes, because they are sold in a lot of sizes (from 2 cm - 40 cm) and in a lot of shapes.

And I bought some embroidered silk. I have an idea for lining a stiched bag with them

And last but not least I found a sleeping shirt with a Toile Rouge fabric. I really love this design and I think it will be nice to sleep with it :-). There was a nice pouche included, which I`ll use to put some of my stitching supplies in.

Don´t ask I´ll not post a picture when I´m wearing it *lol*!!!

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Mercedes 31/07/2005 23:33

Romy, good luck with your last shopping. I love those boxes. I donŽt know if I could to get something similar here. I would be interesting in getting some for me if you can and maybe do some exchange with something from Spain, if you like . So email me at

Oh, that silk is sooooooo beautiful.

AH!! thanks for add my blog in yours!


nataliejo 27/07/2005 23:16

Romy - I particularly like the embroidered silk, it is so elegant !! What a nice idea to use the wooden star as thread winder !! :0023:

Vero M 26/07/2005 17:52

Ooh la la much

Of course we want to see you wearing the toile blouse :-)))

Tricia 26/07/2005 17:24

I love all your treasures! I want to go shopping with you next time you go. My favorite is the beautiful toile sleep shirt and pouche!!

Cathymk 26/07/2005 15:38

Romy - I love your emboroidered silks!! Almost to pretty to put *inside* the bags. Nice haul.