Catherine Agnes finally framed

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When I pulled out my stitching look I found Indigo Rose Catherine Agnes which I finished last year. I totally forget about it. I had an old frame in my stash which fits exactely.

Now it`s framed and I have a wonderful place to hang this sampler. I`m in the mood for starting another Indigo Rose design. Those specialty stitches are really gorgeous and look so exquisite. Looks like I´m seriously back to stitching :-)!!

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JOELLE (MAMIJO) 19/04/2007 14:38

It's so beautiful ! congratulations Romy.

Susa 14/04/2007 16:43

Romy, auch wenn das nicht ganz so meine Farben sind ;-), finde ich Dein Werk sehr gelungen.Sonnige GrüßeSusa

Catherine 11/04/2007 13:33

Major congrats for this gorgeous sampler, Romy!

laly 11/04/2007 13:16


tricia 10/04/2007 23:31

It's just beautiful!!  And so great to see your stitching again too - welcome back again.  I am very happy your needles have been re-energized - you are always an inspiration to stitch a little faster!! :-)