Mini Sampler

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I finished the Periwinkle Promises Sunshine Sampler Accent. This little sampler is worked with silk and only specially stitches. It really was funny to stitch.

And now I´m in the mood for a new start! I´m thinking of a sampler, maybe a reproductions sampler. I´ll take a look through my stash, I´m sure I´ll find a lot I want to start. And maybe a Prairie Schooler design, for some relaxing stitching hours too.

I just counted my WIPs. In July I had two finishes, this little Sampler Accent and my stitching for the Summer Exchange which I sent out yesterday. And I had three new starts!!!!!!!!! So I´m up to 19 WIPs at the moment!!!!!! I never will learn to reduce my WIPs, but I´ll not call them UFOs *lol*!!!!!!!!!!!


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Lily 03/08/2005 08:49

A lovely little sampler, I like the colours :)

Dani 30/07/2005 20:49

I love that little sampler its so sunny!

nataliejo 29/07/2005 23:44

What a wonderful little cushion ! Love it !

Danielle 29/07/2005 21:28

I love these designs! I have one that I really want to stitch--I have to pulle it out soon. I don't even want to count how many WIPs I have! LOL. Prairie Schooler designs are great too!!

Virginie 29/07/2005 19:29

your "periwinckle" is beautiful ! i love it !!!