Bourse de Brodeuse

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After a discussion at the Swan Sampler group about Silvies (Au Fil des Reves) designs, I totally become tempted to start one of her designs. Immediately I pulled out her Bourse de Brodeuse kit, which I have since some time in my stash and started it last evening. I really enjoyed to put the first stitches in and I´m really curiously how the finishing will work for me.

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Danielle 01/08/2005 22:36

I can't wait to see your progress! I don't have this one yet, and I am waiting on the needle case. I have plenty to keep me busy until it comes though! :)

Cécile 31/07/2005 20:07

It's a verry lovely model to stitch. I've stitched it about a few month ago. If you have some problems for the finishing you may ask me, it's verry simple.

Romy 31/07/2005 14:43

Pam, it was part of a class kit I bought some time ago, and I really love it too!

véronique L 31/07/2005 10:53

very nice, waiting for more pictures
thanks again for sharing

pam 31/07/2005 03:02


This looks really pretty. I love your floss holder - where did you get it?