my stitching for the Summer Exchange

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I just got the message that my stitching for the Birthday Buddies Summer Exchange arrived in US, so I may post pictures now! I stitched parts of the Drawn Thread Sunflower Bellpull and finished them as a little case.




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Lutine 08/08/2005 15:28

C'est superbe

mercedes 04/08/2005 00:56

Wow, I love this kind of accesories. I did the DT BEll pull just last summer and I like that house. You had a good idea

Cécile 03/08/2005 09:34

It's beautiful waowwwwww :0091:

Ashleigh 03/08/2005 09:06

It is so pretty Romy! I love what you did :)

Lily 03/08/2005 08:46

A very lovely present Romy :)