Friendship Quilt

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One of my goals for May was to continue working on my Friendship Quilt.

So I pulled out my squares, and I really love to play with them. I started a new square, it`s a part of the LHN City Stitcher Country Stitcher. I think this design will fit perfectly to a friendship Quilt.


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Angi 05/05/2007 19:12

it will be nice to se how it grows.
Thanks for sharing

BeckySC 05/05/2007 17:05

Romy, I didn't know you were back! I am thrilled to see you blogging again as your blog was among my favorites :) Welcome back!!
All your work is looking lovely :)

Simonetta 04/05/2007 20:43

Romy, many compliments, your jobs are so beautiful!

Mayté 04/05/2007 17:11

Romy, I'm so glad that you are posting again!!. Your squeres for the friendship quilt are beautiful, sure will be another great project coming out of your hands.
God Bless you :)

michele picard 04/05/2007 15:41

that is a good idea . i like your choice.michele