Birds & Berries progress

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I just finished the front of this Merry Cox needlecase. It`s so tiny and lovely and really looks much better in reality as on the picture. Here now the "Austrian version" of Birds&Berries.

On the front I stitched "meine Nadel - mein Freund" (my needle -my friend)

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Mercedes 05/08/2005 21:00

Hey Romy, I like your version too, although I donŽt understand anything, lol. I enjoy a lot too with this tiny things.
Just now I Žm stitching 1 over 1 in a little sewing case from SANQ

Danielle 05/08/2005 19:03

It is gorgeous Romy. I love the personalization. I am really going to have to track down some of these Merry Cox designs! :)

RachÚle 05/08/2005 11:12

Another birds and berries!
Es ist traaaaumhaft schön, dieses Model würde ich sehr gern haben!! Weitermachen! Ich mag auch den Salzkammergut und Oesterreich sowieso!

BeckySC 05/08/2005 03:28

It looks great, Romy :)

Vero 03/08/2005 18:10


I love your austrian version :-)) Lovely !!