new square for my friendship quilt

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Just I finished a new square for my friendship quilt. It`s a part of the LHN design Country Stitcher - City Stitcher. I think it fits perfect to the thema of my quilt.

I`m more than happy that  Annemarie had stolen  :-) the idea for my quilt and Vonna opened a Blog for such friendship squares exchange.

I think that will become a great place to collect some more squares.

Here`s my collection so far but only finished on the computer.

I got some emails from friends, who want to know my way for finishing this squares. I`ll take pictures when I`ll finish the next square.

I think there would be a not so time consuming way, but this squares are really special for me, because they are a great rememberance to my stitching friends, so I chose this way.

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Barbara 20/05/2007 09:55

Das Motiv ist perfekt für Deinen Freundschaftsquilt! Und die Idee scheint ja richtig Furore zu machen. Das freut mich, denn es ist ja auch ein schönes Kompliment an Dich... :-)Einen schönen Sonntag wünschtBarbara

Michelle 14/05/2007 19:56

I just love that square you've stitched - it does go perfectly with your theme.  Beautiful!

Karin 13/05/2007 03:05

Those are fantastic!  What a wonderful way to share everyones stitching

Annemarie 12/05/2007 17:34

Romy, thank you so much for sharing the pictures of all your quilt squares! It's so lovely to see them all together. I had no idea you had so many!

Karoline 12/05/2007 14:39

Your quilt square is lovely Romy and the finished quilt is going to be stunning