Friendship Quilt again

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Today I added two more squares to my friendship quilt.

And as promised I took some pictures of my way of finishing this quilt.

First I sew a backstitch border with perl cotton # 12 over 4 threads. I do this border 30 x 4 threads, so the square becomes about 10 cm. I do the same border on the second square (the back)


'Then  I iron a fusible batting on both squares back

And then I finger press the linen and stitch this two pieces together, only through the perl cotton back stitch border

Then I stitch it on the other squares, only through the perl cotton again.

I`m doing this from the back side, I think this way it looks better on the front.

And with this way of finishing my quilt is never and always finished. And I can display my little quilt imidiately and it can grow and grow and maybe when I´ll become old it will become an "adult" quilt :-)!!

And because I really love it, I have to show the back of the quilt also!!

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Paola 29/05/2007 18:51

ohhhh, wowwwwww, it's a very master piece, and thanks for the tuto...

michele picard 29/05/2007 11:16

I appreciate very much your work . Bravo it is wonderfullhave a nice day michele

Christine V 29/05/2007 00:37

What a clever idea!!  Thank you for sharing it!

Niky 28/05/2007 23:21

Romy, it's so wonderfull. Good job as always

orangecannelle 28/05/2007 14:53

glad to see you back. I had put your blog among my favourites because there are some of your works I want to go and see again  occasionally . but there are quite a lot of blogs in my favourites and I got used to not see any new items on yours . well good news !