a new start!!

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Last weekend I added a new WIP to my stitching basket!

Now I´m wondering if anybody can figure out which designer I chose for this new start :-)!!!????


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Romy 30/05/2007 17:07

Viviane, it was made especially for a Moss Creek design and I bought it from a friend. It´s really beautiful.
Catherine, no Sheepish Design

Catherine 30/05/2007 16:29

Sheepish Designs?

viviane b/israel 30/05/2007 15:48

I have no idea, but love the colors.I hope you don't mind me asking, but where did you get such a beautiful shaker basket ?

Romy 30/05/2007 14:56

No, not really!!

Brigitte 30/05/2007 14:39

Mary Garry??