My New Start is ........

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The picture of my new start I showed you earlier this day is an Ewe&Eye&Friends design again.

It`s House on the Holly Hock Hill by EEF and I started on 36count linen. I really couldn´t resist to start another EEF design. I did a little progress the last days, but when I looked at it this evening I saw :-((( that I miss counted and now this little sheep .......

is on the wrong place. :-(((((

Now I have to frog.........or to stop stitching. I´m not sure if I should continue stitching??? Maybe it´s a sign that I have to take care not to become an official EEF only stitcher?????

Now I´ll go to bed and will make my decision tomorrow!!!

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Claudia 02/06/2007 19:28

I've just discovered your wonderful blog... I'm WORDLESS!! You stitch wonderful things in a wonderful way!

lena-lou 02/06/2007 02:10

I have visited your blog for sometime now but never commented yet  ;-)  I think everything is for your miscounting...just part of happens to us all... and maybe ..I have a degree in it...lolHave a nice weekend :)