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Dimanche 10 juin 7 10 /06 /Juin 15:55

I always was fascinated from Merry Cox designs. I never had the chance to take a class, but I always tried to buy this charts on ebay or from friends who took the classes. So I got a nice collection of Merry Cox charts. I know this charts aren´t easy to finish without taking the class, and I don´t know if I ever will be able to finish them. But I absolutely love them, so I´ll try and give my best :-)!

Unfortunately I only stitched the Birds and Berries needlecase till now back in 2005.


But now I pulled out the Birds and Berries companion pieces, and started stitching the Birds and Berries pincushion. Hopefully soon my new Merry cox piece will be finished.

Par Romy in Austria - Publié dans : romyaustria
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Commentaire n°1 posté par franᅵoise le 10/06/2007 à 18h54
This is going to be another great stitching and finishing !!
Commentaire n°2 posté par Aniza le 11/06/2007 à 05h20
Love it, hope you get to finish the entire thing.  Loved looking at your blog.  TFS
Commentaire n°3 posté par Sandy le 11/06/2007 à 07h30
Beautiful !
Commentaire n°4 posté par Aprilblue le 11/06/2007 à 21h17
Hi Romy,
What a lovely pin cushion collection!!!!
And your Birds & Berries- MC is wonderful!!! Your finishing is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karin :)
in NY
Commentaire n°5 posté par karin le 11/06/2007 à 22h32
I love the MC designs too and love your needlecase. I look forward to what you are doing now as the companion piece :-)) Enjoy working on it and have a nice week!
Commentaire n°6 posté par Helen le 12/06/2007 à 14h36
Romy, I've been away for a bit, but boy, did I miss a lot of gorgeous posts! I love everything you have been working on (even the EEF you weren't so keen on at the start). Your pincushion collection has me drooling on my keyboard. Beautiful!
Commentaire n°7 posté par Annemarie le 13/06/2007 à 00h30
Wow very nice work :) congratulations .

Commentaire n°8 posté par Laura le 24/06/2007 à 13h40
  I have enjoyed looking at all of your amazing stitching!  Your work is beautiful!!  Thank you for showing it to us,
God Bless,
Sharon in Texas
Commentaire n°9 posté par Sharon in Tx le 14/08/2007 à 22h10

magnifiques dessins - magnifique travail - comme j'aimerais avoir vos grilles !!!




Commentaire n°10 posté par cécile le 22/06/2011 à 21h30

for me, she is THE one ! lovely work !

Commentaire n°11 posté par Francine le 26/07/2012 à 08h19
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