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Here´s my progress on the House on the Holly Hock Hill so far. Now I really like it how it comes along. I want to thank all the stitchers who encouraged me to continue stitching.

I´m only a little nervous how to manage the lot of one over one stitching on 36 count for the vers. But slow but sure it will work.

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Helen 20/06/2007 18:15

I'm glad you have gone back to this as it is so pretty! You will be fine with the 1/1 parts once you get into the swing of it :-))

piko 17/06/2007 03:32

It's so dence! I know it's hard work,but beautiful!! :-)

Annemarie 15/06/2007 13:54

Over-one on 36 count fabric? I'm sorry Romy, but I'm not the right person to give you advice about that. All I can say is: good luck! It will look amazing once it's done, though!

Su 14/06/2007 23:50

Its looking wonderful Romy
Hugs Su