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I was participating in several exchanges some time ago. It always was a lot of fun to get in contact to other stitchers and I also learned a lot in this exchanges. Not only I met new stitching friends, I also learned a lot of different finishing only looking on the beautiful exchange pieces I got in return.


Here are some of the pieces I stitched for exchanges.

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Tessa 29/06/2007 00:32

What a lovely collection of photos - your work looks stunning displayed like this :)

Rosanna 22/06/2007 21:29

your exchange were fantastic, Lucky the girls you sent to!!

Su 21/06/2007 18:13

What wonderful exchange pieces you have finished Romy I bet the lucky receivers were delighted.

Helen 20/06/2007 18:13

What beautiful things you have stitched for your exchanges, it would be a pleasure to receive any of them , your partners must have been pleased :-)

Aprilblue 19/06/2007 21:47

Very beautiful !Bravo