Finished Ewe&Eye&Friends Pin Cushion

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Finally I found some time to finish my "In The Pink" by Ewe&Eye&Friends.I got some suggestions how to finish it ( Thank you for this, I really love your commends ).

Now I finished it into a pincusion and here's the front

On the back I sewed two little pockets and I stitched some spots with the left over threads on them. I got the perfect fabric for finishing the back from Jodie some time ago! Thank you so much  Jodie!!!!

And now I have a pincushion where I can put my scissor and my needlecase into!! I'm really happy with it!

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kimiak 18/05/2008 16:11

Thank you about your visit of my blog.The finitions of this pin cushion are very nice.Wonderful!

clob 17/03/2008 18:15

superbe ! bravo !!i sticht it for the SAL E.E.F with aprilblue and i like it !yours pillow  it a good idea for this stich ! 

Catherine 10/10/2007 15:22

It is so lovely. I have discovered your blog thanks to mamilou. And it was a great discovery, everything is so beautiful.

eglantines 19/08/2007 13:26

c'est vraiment très très beau, bravo

Gabrielle 10/07/2007 14:57

It's very nice, I like the colors used.