Update on House on the Holly Hock Hill

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Now I finished all the over two stitching on House on The Holly Hock Hill by Ewe&Eye&Friends, now I really like how it came along. But there is a great part of the one over one stitching left over!!

I'll finish the verse, which is over one on 36 count linen slowly step by step and letter for letter when my eyes are in a good mood :-)!!

But now I'm sure I'll finish it!

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Aniza 02/07/2007 15:03

It's beautiful piece already. Looking forward to see the finished version soon.

Margaret 01/07/2007 16:12

You have a wonderul blog Romy and make such beautiful things. I don't know exactly how I found you but I'll be back to visit soon.

Aprilblue 30/06/2007 17:56

Very beautiful :0070:

Su 29/06/2007 17:41

It won't be long bnow and it will eb finished - its so pretty.

KarenV 29/06/2007 11:59

Such a pretty design!  It's looking great :)